Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wow! This Update Worth The Price of Subscription to the MDW

Bakken jumped $1.50. Bakken is now selling at a $2.00 premium to WTI at Clearbrook, MN. Bloomberg shows that as a 300% jump. There must be a few story lines there. Last October, Bakken sold at a $10 discount to WTI at Clearbrook; last summer, July, 2012, Bakken sold at a whopping $14 discount. How much mineral owners will see in their checks will depend on a) contracts; and, b) where the oil was delivered. Wow. I don't own any minerals but, even for me, this is exciting. The link is dynamic, and could change when the market opens. But the historical graph is there; only the headline would change.

Meanwhile, the WTI/Brent spread remains unchanged. WTI at $97 and Brent at $111, about a $14 spread.  For newbies, this is at the lower end of the spread in the last few weeks when it had been as high as $20 or so. As takeaway capacity improves, new pipelines come on-line, and oil flows are reversed, the glut at Cushing will ameliorate. Again, the link is dynamic, but it was accurate when posted.

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