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Tawny Kitaen: RIP -- May 7, 2021

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Soccer Update

Our granddaughter's high school soccer team took third place in the state of Texas in 5A division. The largest schools are 6A. Olivia, a freshman, made the varsity team, and at the award ceremony late last week, she was named to the second team for the district. There's a first team, a second team, and honorable mention. A freshman being named to the first or second team is a huge accomplishment. 

I haven't seen her play this year due to Covid restrictions. I will see her playing next autumn no doubt.

Now, that the school tournaments are over for the season, the "club" soccer leagues move to center stage.

Last night, in a regularly scheduled game, the opposing team brought in five "elite" guest players -- people who follow club soccer will know what this means. Olivia's team brought in no guest players. 

The game ended in a tie, 1 - 1. Olivia made the sole goal for our team. 

A tie is so much better than a loss in "club" soccer. Saving the team from a loss was a big deal.

They play again tonight. Regular season games will determine the seeding for the championship tournament which begins next week.

Later, we asked Olivia what she thought of the game. This is the analysis, coming from a freshman in high school:

They were actually pretty good. But the outside back I played against liked to mark me tight. That was interesting to play against because I could pretty much walk anywhere and she would follow me. This meant I was able to check one way and sprint the other and pick up lots of balls. Or I had lots of 1 v 1s with here. Pretty fun. Just tiring because of the heat and all the individual playing.

Pretty good analysis for a freshman high school player one would think. Ready to be a color analyst on television?

Later, see first comment regarding "guest" players. From social media:

It appears there could be many, many "guest" players. But the "guest" player can no longer play with her own team after stepping away from own team.


  1. Good for Olivia. Having coached youth soccer, I get it. Huge accomplishment for her.
    PS- We did not allow club teams to pack their game rosters. Must be a Texas thing.

    1. I don't know the rules, but I think during regular season there appears to be no rule about "guest" players, but I believe during tournament play, only one "guest" player allowed. And I'm not even sure about that.