Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Link Of The Day -- How To Spot Santa This Year -- November 21, 2017

Here's the link.

Guess what it is.

When you get to the link, push down and hold on your track pad / hold down clicker on the mouse while "moving" the cursor.

Also, in most views, there is a little target which might be easy to miss. If you click on the little target, additional information will pop up.

Again the link: https://www.google.com/maps/@29.5602853,-95.0853914,2a,75y,208.19h,93.04t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szChzPIAn4RIAAAQvxgbyEg!2e0!7i10000!8i5000.

I don't know yet, if the link is dynamic.

Thank you to Don for sending me this link. It will be great to share with grandchildren.

And it's very possible one might be lucky enough to spot a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer on December 24 - 25. But you will have to look closely. Before then, google "North Pole video."

Global Warming 2017

For the archives, link hereAustralia becomes the poster child for idiotic green energy policies.
Global warming hysteria has wrecked the supply of electricity in Australia, causing widespread blackouts. That is quite an accomplishment, considering the abundant resources available in that nation-continent. It takes a special brand of idiocy on a national scale to accomplish such a feat.

It was already "unacceptable" that we banned nuclear power here, despite exporting uranium for some of the 449 nuclear plants overseas that safely produce more than 10 per cent of the world's electricity.
It is also "unacceptable" that we've now banned fracking for gas in Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia and much of NSW, also thanks to unscientific green scares.
Our Chief Scientist says this technology is "completely safe" when well regulated and it's been used in the United States to unlock such vast new supplies of cheap gas that it's driven down prices and made the US self-reliant on energy.

So for no sane reason we've banned two major sources of electricity. But even more "unacceptable" is that we've decided that coal – our biggest source of all – should also be banned.

Coal-fired stations produce 73 per cent of our electricity and the cheapest and most reliable. Yet activists convinced politicians these stations were heating the world dangerously by releasing lots of carbon dioxide, the gas which feeds plants. Never mind that the world has, in fact, barely warmed over the past two decades.
And then this:
Wind power is so expensive and unreliable that South Australia has since suffered two huge blackouts and has the world’s most expensive electricity.
Global Warming 2017

This is a difficult article to access. The best way to do it, is to google it, simply putting the entire title of the article and the author into the google search box. Clicking on the link will download a pdf on your desktop. But again, it's difficult and you may have to play around a bit. 

Article: Carbon cycle modelling and the residence time of natural and anthropogenic atmospheric CO2: on the construction of the “Greenhouse Effect Global Warming” dogma.

by Tom V. Segalstad, Mineralogical-Geological Museum, University of Oslo, Norway

The three evidences of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that the apparent contemporary atmospheric CO2 increase is anthropogenic, is discussed and rejected: CO2 measurements from ice cores; CO2 measurements in air; and carbon isotope data in conjunction with carbon cycle modelling.

It is shown why the ice core method and its results must be rejected; and that current air CO2 measurements are not validated and their results subjectively “edited”.
Further it is shown that carbon cycle modelling based on non-equilibrium models, remote from observed reality and chemical laws, made to fit non-representative data through the use of non-linear ocean evasion “buffer” correction factors constructed from a pre-conceived idea, constitute a circular argument and with no scientific validity.
Both radioactive and stable carbon isotopes show that the real atmospheric CO2 residence time (lifetime) is only about 5 years, and that the amount of fossil-fuel CO2 in the atmosphere is maximum 4%. Any CO2 level rise beyond this can only come from a much larger, but natural, carbon reservoir with much higher 13-C/12-C isotope ratio than that of the fossil fuel pool, namely from the ocean, and/or the lithosphere, and/or the Earth’s interior.
This is very difficult to read, but if one tries, I'm sure one can understand it. 

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