Thursday, August 15, 2013

For The Archives: The Permian

The Globe and Mail is reporting.

This is from April 17, 2013.

At the linked article:
Other areas, however, have exceeded expectations. North Dakota, home of the fast-growing Bakken play, produced 779,000 barrels a day of oil in February, up nearly 40,000 from January. Although fierce winter weather briefly halted growth this winter, the state is now on track to reach its 2015 goal of 850,000 barrels a day later this year, Lynn Helms, director of the North Dakota Industrial Commission Oil and Gas Division, said on Tuesday.
So, this will be the poll to replace the current poll in which we asked whether North Dakota's June's production numbers would set a new production record.

So, here's the new poll:

Will North Dakota oil production hit 850,000 bopd by the end of 2013? Before you vote, check out estimates here:
  • No
  • Yes, it will do so by the end of August.
  • Yes, it will do so by the end of October.
  • Yes, it will do so, but just barely, by the end of December.

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