Friday, December 28, 2012

For Investors Only: NOG

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Based on the nine tests that Northern Oil and Gas received on profitability, debt and capital, and operating efficiency, the company achieved five passes and a moot point out of nine. This is a good grade for financial health. Northern Oil and Gas did not pass the debt and capital aspects of the paper. As the company is growing, it is increasing its debt.
This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is an aspect of the company to be aware of and keep an eye on moving forward.
Looking forward, analysts at MSN money have estimated that NOG will post an EPS of $1.00 for FY 2012 and $1.27 for FY 2013. Overall, the company is showing good results regarding its financial health with five passes and a moot point out of nine.
If the article shows "billions" of outstanding shares, that is an error. The number of outstanding shares is in "millions." Don noted this; by the time you get to the link, it may have been corrected.

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