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Rolf -- May 2, 2019

Disclaimer: this is a long note. There will be typographical and factual errors. I intersperse facts and opinions. It is difficult to tell the difference between facts and opinions. I will clean it up later. 

Note: This is absolutely 1,000% "not-ready-for-prime-time."

Note: Most of this is written on a hunch, based on limited data.

But I'm going to post it pretty much un-edited and then clear it up later.

Interestingly, most of this was covered about a month ago, and then with an update, one day later.

I don't plan on re-posting / repeating all that, but if you have an interest in the Bakken, this is a very, very important set of notes. Consider this post, the third of three, giving us a "classic trilogy."

Frack dates for wells are posted here.

A huge "thank you" to the reader who noted this.

The reader wrote:
Rolf 1 produced 29,000 bbls this month, another significant jump in production. They are also taking out a lot more water, over 150,000 bbls. over the last 3 months compared to about 2,300 bbls in a comparable drilling period last year. 
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

I replied (for newbies, and perhaps all readers, be sure to look at the graphic at the linked posts above, which I have reproduced below):
Wow, this is going to be an incredible story to post when it's all said and done.

It's going to take quite a bit of time to post.

Whenever there's that much water being produced it can mean only one thing: the well was re-fracked or a neighboring well was (or neighboring wells were) fracked.

They are still on the confidential list but it appears that CLR has just completed fracking ten wells sited in section 17-155-98 about two miles north of Rolf 1 (#20183), sited near the south line of section 30-155-98.

#21086, sited in section 8-155-98 (to the north of the wells in question) also shows a jump in production. Neither of these older wells (#20183 or #220186) show any evidence of a re-frack (no NDIC sundry form; no FracFocus data). It doesn't mean they couldn't have been re-fracked or had a mini-re-frack but I doubt it.

Of the ten CLR wells to the north (alluded to above); my hunch, based on their names, six will run north (five will be Springfield wells, and run directly north; the sixth will be a(n) Helena well and will be a line well. The four other CLR wells will be Rolf wells and will run south, parallel along Rolf 1.
The graphic:

Other wells in the graphic: (see this post also; they have all been fracked):
  • 34768, conf, CLR, 33-105-04751, Helena 8-7HSL1, Brooklyn,
  • 34694, conf, CLR, 33-105-04731 Springfield 2-8HSL, Brooklyn,
  • 34693, conf, CLR, 33-105-04730 Springfield 3-8H1, Brooklyn,
  • 34692, conf, CLR, 33-105-04729, Springfield 4-8H, Brooklyn,  
  • 34691, conf, CLR, 33-105-04728, Springfield 5-8H1, Brooklyn,
  • 34690, conf, CLR, 33-105-04727, Springfield 6-8H1, Brooklyn, 
  • 34698, conf, CLR, 33-105-04735, Rolf ... , Brooklyn, 
  • 34697, conf, CLR, 33-105-04734, Rolf ... , Brooklyn,
  • 34696, conf, CLR, 33-105-04733, Rolf ... , Brooklyn,
  • 34695, conf, CLR, 33-105-04732, Rolf ... , Brooklyn, 
Finally, on another note, the reader added:
Also two dry wells in Brooklyn Township, a Gjorven 7PA and Gjorven Federal 6PA. They are vertical bores only and listed as stratigraphic wells. I understand they are checking the formations but I would have thought Brooklyn was pretty well mapped.
I'll talk about this in another post later.

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