Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bakken 2.0 -- Re-Fracks -- May 11, 2017

I haven't seen any reports in the media yet on this but it appears there is a new "phenomenon" in the Bakken. Some operators are fracking older wells in the same area where several DUCs are being fracked. The most recent example that I've come across is the XTO Ames well in Grinnell oil basin but I've run across others examples.

There are not many examples and the number of re-fracks won't move the needle for the operators or for the media which does the reporting, but for individual mineral owners, it will result in a nice boost in their monthly royalties.

Gasoline BOBS -- RBOB and CBOB

A primer at this post. As we move into the summer driving months, I thought a primer on RBOB might be in order. Not for readers, for me. I can never remember this stuff. LOL.

Watch for continued excess amount of available gasoline going into the driving season this year (at a time when gasoline demand has fallen).

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