Friday, March 1, 2019

March 1, 2019

Wells coming off confidential list today -- Friday, March 1, 2019: 9 wells for the month; 9 wells for the quarter
  • 34614, 1,666, CLR, Anderson 4X-4H1, Willow Creek, 45 stages; 6.5 million lbs, t10/18; cum 106K 1/19;
  • 34591, 2.635, CLR, Pasadena 4-11HSL, Banks, 68 stages; 13.5 million lbs, t11/18; cum 137K 1/19;
  • 33849, 555, Oasis, Berry 5493 41-7 7T, 50 stages; 9.9 million lbs; Robinson Lake, t9/18; cum 94K 1/19;
  • 33237, SI/NC, Hess, AN-Dinwoodie-153-94-2833H-7, Antelope-Sanish, no production data,
  • 33236, SI/NC, Hess, AN-Dinwoodie-153-94-2833H-6, Antelope-Sanish, no production data,
  • 33235, SI/NC, Hess, AN-Dinwoodie-153-94-2833H-5, Antelope-Sanish, no production data,
  • 33091, 3,029, CLR, Sakakawea Federal 8-19H, Elm Tree, 62 stages; 15.3 million lbs, t12/18; cum 39K 1/19;
  • 32816, 1,272, CLR, Brandvik 10-25H2, Corral Creek, 60 stages, 7.7 million lbs, t12/18; cum 88K 1/19;
  • 24047, SI/NC, Petro-Hunt, State 154-94-31C-32-3H, Charlson, no production data,
Active rigs:

Active Rigs67594135119

RBN Energy: look how far we've come understanding the impacts of the TETCO outage on Appalachia gas markets.
In a world where Marcellus/Utica natural gas supplies and Gulf Coast gas demand are increasingly interdependent, what would happen if flows along a critical route connecting the two regions were disrupted? The market caught a glimpse of that on January 21, when an explosion on Texas Eastern Transmission’s 30-inch line in Noble County, OH, shut down flows through its Berne compressor, which serves as a key gateway for Gulf Coast-bound gas out of Appalachia. Partial service was restored a few days later, but a chunk of the capacity remains offline as repairs are completed, and southbound volumes are running at 60% of what they were prior to the outage. Not too long ago, an outage severing Northeast producers’ access to a major takeaway route to the Gulf would have hammered Northeast supply prices, even during the peak winter demand months. But as expansion projects have vastly improved pipeline connectivity within Appalachia and takeaway capacity out of the region, they’ve transformed how some of those legacy long-haul pipelines function and even the role they play in the market. The TETCO outage provides a glimpse into what that will mean for the Northeast and its downstream markets. In today’s blog, we begin a series looking at the implications of a well-connected Marcellus/Utica, starting with a recap of the TETCO event and its immediate impacts on southbound flows.

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