Thursday, October 1, 2015

War? -- October 1, 2015


October 1, 2015: I was wrong. The reason oil was up was because of predictions that Hurricane Joaquin might hit the Gulf. Those early predictions were wrong, and oil has come back down a bit.
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The movers and shakers on Wall Street seem to think war has broken out in the Mideast. The Dow is down about a 100 points (after being up in pre-market / futures) and oil is up over 4%.

Or maybe they are just reading Drudge headlines:
  • Russia airstrikes in Syria continue
  • Putin drafts 150,000
  • USA disarray
  • Iran troops ready
  • President's weekend golf schedule released
Okay, I made up that lat one.

If one looks at the timeline, it seems the transition from "no US strategy for fighting ISIS" and the "invasion by Putin" occurred at a time when SecState took his eyes off the ball, as they say here in the Midwest, and started talking about climate change. Again. I guess we need a Syrian Czar.

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