Friday, May 15, 2015

China Is Really, Really Big -- EIA

Wow, talk about a slow day.

I'm leaving early to be on my bike to meet my wife and 10-month-old granddaughter at the local library. Every Friday, the baby goes to the library to listen to the librarian read to babies and for the babies to interact with each other. It's one of her many, many outings every week.

Then the three of us go to a restaurant that the 10-month-old likes -- which, it appears -- is any restaurant that offers croissants or French Fries.

For all the folks coming here to read about the Bakken, I apologize for the last few days. Not much being reported.

EIA's "energy cookie" for the day:
China’s robust economic growth and thirst for energy resources in the past decade has driven it to become the top global energy consumer.
China has the largest oil and gas production in the Asia-Pacific region and the largest coal production in the world, but the country’s escalating energy demand, albeit at slower growth levels in the past few years, increases its reliance on imports and need to secure more energy supplies.
China is also in the midst of balancing its need for energy security with environmental concerns and is implementing economic and energy sector reforms to provide more sustainable and long-term growth. --- EIA

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