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Later, 3:46 p.m.: see original post below. I mentioned that I was going to check my other sources regarding the geographic ranges of the eastern and western bluebirds. I had a stack of books on birds on the book shelf by the door but those books are not there any more. I remember moving them some time ago because they were blocking a photograph of my dad. But now I can't remember where I put that stack of books on birds. I will eventually find them. I'm not so worried about the books, but that's also where I had my winning Powerball lottery ticket worth several million dollars. I remember putting it in one of the books on page 346 because, in millions, that was what the Powerball winnings were. Now I can't find the ticket.
And so it goes.
Original Post

I'm trying to get in a 10-mile bike ride/day, six days every week, now that we are starting to see summer in north Texas.

Today on the ride home, I was treated to a wonderful site: a pair eastern bluebirds. According to wiki, western bluebirds are not seen in this area; I will check some other sources later. Mountain bluebirds are seen in this area but these were definitely not mountain bluebirds. So, by elimination (Sherlock Holmes would be proud), these were eastern bluebirds.

My brother Craig introduced me to a pair of eastern bluebirds -- and yes, they were eastern bluebirds -- who nested in the north unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We would park the car and then hike (on the path) as far back as we could get, and then just before rounding a certain "corner," Craig would say, "okay, you should see them now." It was amazing how predictable they were.

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