Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quote of the Day

"“I am unable to have a cellphone and I need one for emergencies,” said Aliesa Azbill of Dayton, who is in a work training program at Community Action Partnership. She said the 250 free minutes she gets per month through SafeLink isn’t enough to use it for much more than emergencies." -- owner of an ObamaPhone. 
Wow, 250 minutes/month for emergencies -- and that's not enough talk time. Wow. I would love to listen in to some of those emergency calls: the only emergencies I can think of that would last 250 minutes:
  • hostage negotiation
  • 9/11 suicide intervention
  • coordinating emergency response to a Bakken blowout
  • LA County freeway SUV chase following a bank robbery or drug deal gone bad
  • calling a friend while part of a "rent-a-crowd" at an Obama speech


  1. Aliesa could live in a Fly over state out here in the Mid west prarie and the Cell phone would not work when she was more then 3 miles from town..
    So we just flag down a neighbor when they drive by..

    1. I remember growing up in North Dakota, when driving late at night from Minot to Williston, we were reminded to keep track of the last farmhouse in case of an emergency -- knowing that if the car broke down, we would be walking back to that farmhouse.

      On another note, I remember the "party line" at my grandparents' home outside Newell, South Dakota.

  2. I use 350 minutes a week calling 911 to complain about cold French fries. More than that in the winter.

    So I can relate.

    Anon 1

    1. Well, that closes that loop. I always wondered who would use their cellphone's roaming minutes to complain about cold French fries at McDonald's.