Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ceramic Proppants

Ceramic proppants, Chinese source.

I received this as a random note to my e-mail address. I know nothing more than what is printed here.

We manufacturer supply ceramic proppants (12/18 16/20 16/30 20/40 30/50 40/70 40/80) with high quality and competitive price, which meet international standard API (ISO 9001, Q1, TS) and have Stim-Lab Report . And also provide Bentonite, Barite/Barium Sulfate,Xanthan Guam......
Thanks & Best regards
Michael Chen
Sales Manager
Luoyang Maide Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
Adress:Kaiyuan Road 248, Luoyang China 471200
tel: 86 (379) 65151777 fax:86 379 65151555
Skype:maideceramics mailto:

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