Friday, February 1, 2019

MRO May Have A Record In The Bakken -- February 1, 2019

It looks like MRO may have a record well in the Bakken:
  • 34428, 7,993, MRO, Klaus 11-28H, runs south, API: 33-025-03422, 9.3 million gallons; 89% water by mass; Bailey, t12/18; cum --;
  • 34429, 3,644, MRO, Otis 11-28TFH, runs south, API; 33-025-03423, 8.6 million gallons; 91% water by mass, Bailey, t12/18; cum --; (#23980, #17883 -- both off-line)
More to follow.

Record IPs are tracked here. MRO has a few wells with a 24-hour IP greater than what's being reported above, but I'm interested in the six-month initial production number.

It's possible there's a typo but something suggests to me this is not a typographical error for the IP being reported for #34428. Time will tell. 

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