Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bethel Home Veterans Honored -- December 13, 2017

From today's Williston Herald:

Carl Oksol in the photo above. I did not know this would be in the local newspaper today. A reader alerted me to the story. A huge "thank you." Dad is still going strong at 95 years old.

This is what dad will appreciate most about this story: the misspelling of his last name in the caption above. As a general rule, "everyone" misspells "Oksol." Usually it's "Oskol" but I've never seen "Hoksol" before.

When I'm asked over the phone for my last name, I reply: "... O...K..." and then invariably the person asking for my name says, "Yes, you can give me the spelling of your last name now." And then, again, "....O...K..." pausing, waiting for the individual to repeat, "Any time now, the spelling of your last name." "... O...K...."

Dad tells me that the key to longevity is having your name spelled wrong, and/or changing addresses frequently -- that way the grim reaper will "never" find you. Or at least take a long time looking.

From the linked article:
Bethel Lutheran Nursing Home held its Christmas for Senior Veterans party Tuesday in Williston. About 75 veterans gathered for the 17th annual Christmas for Senior Veterans party at the nursing home. The veterans, who served in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam, along with others, were treated to lunch and presented with gifts during the event.
The article was very short. They should have let Dad write the story: it would have required a "special 4-page insert" to describe his WWII experiences. A lot of advertising revenue.

Not The Only Word Misspelled

From the same newspaper today:

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