Friday, May 22, 2020

The Most Important Story Of The Week -- May 22, 2020

Note: the original post has been corrected. I had it backwards. Dak Prescott apparently has been offered $175 million, guaranteed, for five years, making him the highest paid quarterback in the history of the game.

Being reported this morning: any discussion for a contract greater than four years is a non-starter -- Dak.

See comments: I had this wrong. It's correct above (hopefully, correctly this time).

On so many levels, this is the most important story of the week. I'm not being facetious or sarcastic. I'm deadly serious. Well, not deadly. I haven't contracted Wuhan flu yet.

Time To Start Calling It What It Is: 
An Economic Depression

Link here: Hewlett Packard to reduce workforce, slash salaries.
Link here: Dell halts 401(k) matching; will halt pay raises; will halt hiring -- needs to preserve cash.

Forty million unemployed. 

This Tells Me All I Need To Know
About Public Education

Link here, from Investopedia. Headline: I do not need the required minimum distributions from my IRA. Can I put them in my Roth IRA?

Answer: Yes.

Privacy Rights Win Again 

My hunch is that if the police can somehow connect this to Wuhan flu, the "privacy rights" law will go out the window.

Link here:

This is exactly what the founding fathers were concerned about: cops taking photographs of smart phones. Those guys were incredibly prescient.

By the way, this is exactly why Apple won't assist the FBI in breaking the law. Well, that's just one reason.

I do think that the most far-reaching legacy Hillary left us from her days as First Woman was the American public's disdain for the military and law enforcement. 


  1. Prescott is actually the one that wants the shorter deal. It lines him up better in terms of age to sign a second lucrative deal - that is assuming the salary cap still rises (along with player salaries) as it has for years. He wants to be younger when the next deal comes - maximizing earning potential.

  2. I wonder what Dak would want if he had made a SB since he came into the league?????