Thursday, February 1, 2018

WPX Reports A Huge Well -- February 1, 2018

This page won't be updated. WPX is reporting this well today:
  • 33381, 3,433, WPX, Mandan North 13-24HW, Reunion Bay, Three Forks, 51 stages, 8.6 million lbs, a huge well; 75K in first full month; 65K in second full month; t10/17; cum 186K 11/17;  
US Natural Gas Reserves
A Huge Natural Gas Draw And "It Wasn't Even Cold"

From John Kemp via Twitter. This is really quite amazing when you think about. Despite the Marcellus/Utica, the US was unable to keep up with natural gas stores due to one or two short weeks of severe cold, mostly in the northeast.

Mother Nature has scheduled the next "polar vortex" to hit sometime in the next few days. Usually, Mother Nature schedules these weather events to begin on the weekend when other news is relatively slow.

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