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Is It Time For EOR In The Bakken? -- March 15, 2015 -- Bakken Rodeo Cowboys; Whose Side Is Kerry On Anyway?

This is a keeper. From Oilfield Review, Winter 2010/2011, a Schlumberger article, "Has The Time Come for EOR?" Written by geologists from : Shell Technology (Oman); Petroleum Development Oman; Sand Springs, Oklahoma; Denver, Colorado; Rice University Houston, Texas; Abingdon, England; Anadarko Petroleum, The Woodlands, Texas; and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The link: comes up as a PDF. (If the link fails, google EOR Schlumberger Oilfield Review 2010 2011 -- it will probably come up as the first "hit.")

In addition to a discussion about current EOR technology, the article reviews EOR for the newbie (like me). 
Bakken Rodeo Cowboys

First, this nice article on Nathan Schaper, professional bull rider and volunteer fire fighter from south of Williston .... Grassy Butte, North Dakota, to be exact. Years and years ago we stopped for a moment on US Highway 85 going north near Grassy Butte so my mom could get out and see the world's largest porcupine. Not sure if it was the world's largest but it was huge. And it was dead. Roadkill.

And, if you have the time, google another professional bull rider, Stetson Lawrence, from Williston. He rode recently in the Ft Worth rodeo a few weeks ago. If you find his facebook page, scroll down to see his beautiful wife on the cover of a western magazine.

And only one song could fit so well:

Ro Deo Deo Cowboy, Jerry Jeff Walker

Whose Side Is John Kerry On, Anyway

One of the problems with President Obama's bucket list is that the president does not care about the impact, implications, outcome, or details of his policies as long as the headline is his. ObamaCare was the most well-known example. The bill was written by the insurance industry, the "water carried" by Senator Reid and Speaker of the House "we won't know what's in it until it's passed" Nancy Pelosi, and the bill passed when key Senators were "bought."

President Obama got the headline: ObamaCare passed; the details were unimportant. The means justified the ends. He checked off the most important item on his bucket list.

In global affairs, over at The Mideast Bureau, his second most important bucket list item is deposing Syria's Assad. (His #1 bucket item list in The Mideast Bureau is to see Netanyahu out of office). But times have changed. I thought about that earlier this morning when Don sent me a copy of this tweet:
John Kerry: US will have to negotiate with Syria's Assad for a political transition, is exploring ways to pressure him into agreeing to talks - @CBSNews
My reply: "Saddam Hussein was the worst of the worst ... we all agree he had to go, but interestingly enough, many Kerry supporters argue that removing Saddam made things infinitely worse for the US ... I assume the same will happen if Assad is deposed."

And that's the rub: if Syria's Assad is deposed tonight, ISIS takes over tomorrow. Remember: Syria is fighting the war against ISIS on Iran's behalf. No Syrian Assad? ISIS fills the void. 

It gets worse. In this week's issue of BloombergBusinessweek, the lead editorial "The US Can't Lead Lead From Behind in Iraq. Iran's active role in the fight against Islamic State is worrisome."

The other day I was talking to a self-proclaimed expert on the Mideast. He thought this was the best thing since sliced bread to see Iran leading the fight in Iraq against ISIS. Wow. This is an expert? He's written at least five books on the Mideast; he is a regular on the cable news shows, and he is an Israeli apologist.

Apparently SecState Kerry and President Obama also think Iran leading the fight in Iraq is the best thing since vetoing the Keystone XL. (Stopping the Keystone XL is on the president's bucket list, also.)

So, if we can just overthrow Syria's Assad .... as long as we don't mind ISIS taking Syria -- not a problem for President Obama -- that will be the next president's problem. I wonder if Hiillary supports ISIS taking Syria?

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