Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Update On Zavanna Wells East Of Williston -- September 30, 2014

This is really cool. About a week ago a Zavanna well caught my attention; I was going to do a stand-alone post on Zavanna because they've been quiet for so long. Then I forgot all about it, and a quick search of my website, I couldn't find what caught my attention (but after a week, there could be close to a 100 new posts so easily lost). 

A reader just sent me a note suggesting I keep an eye on the Zavanna wells east of Williston:
Keep an eye on Zavanna's Sylvester, Beagle, Husky, and Bear Cat wells just northeast of Williston.

They are currently fracking 13 new wells in those 2 spacing units.  

Their original Bear Cat well (24543) has produced 200K bbls of oil in its first 13 months of production (started producing April '13 but has been offline for about 3 months due to the nearby drilling/fracking).  It's still been producing 10K bbls per month.
The reader provided additional information but I don't know how "sensitive" it is, so I won't post it for now.  It has to do with frack design and we will see that information when the wells come off confidential list and/or the data is posted at the NDIC site.

I was going to do a stand-alone post on Zavanna, but had forgotten until I got that note. What a great reminder, simply serendipity.

The area under discussion is (north)east of Williston in the Springbrook and Williston oil fields. The wells are about 3 - 4 miles east of the bridge going over the Little Muddy River east of Williston, and then about 3 - 4 miles north:

Four-well pad:
  • 25527, 1,525, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-29 3TFH, 35 stages, 4.1 million lbs, t12/14; cum 69K 6/15;
  • 25528, 683, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-29 1H, 35 stages, 4.1 million lbs; t12/14; cum 101K 6/15;
  • 25529, 1,108, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-29 4TFH, t11/14; cum 89K 6/15;
  • 25530, 1,381, Zavanna, Sylvester 32-29 2H, t11/14; cum 133K 6/15;
Four-well pad:
  • 22813, 646, Zavanna, Beagle 1-32H, Springbrook, t9/12; cum 150K 6/15;
  • 26198, 409, Zavanna, Beagle 32-29 1H, Springbrook, t12/14; cum 89K 6/15;
  • 26199, 380, Zavanna, Beagle 32-29 2TFH, Springbrook, t12/14; cum 36K 6/15;
  • 26200, 772, Zavanna, Beagle 32-29 3H, Springbrook, t12/14; cum 21K 6/15; choked back;
Next section to the east:
Four-well pad:
  • 27300, IA/825, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 8TFH, Williston, t1/15; cum 51K 6/15; off-line as of 3/15;
  • 27301, 1,265, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 6H, Williston, t1/15; cum 60K 6/15;
  • 27302, IA/1,764, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 4TFH, Williston, t1/15; cum 53k 6/15; off-lien as of 5/15;
  • 27303, 1,373, Zavanna, Husky 33-28 2H, Williston, t12/14; cum 87K 6/15;
Three-well pad:
  • 24543, 1,086, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 1H, Williston, t4/13; cum 249K 6/15;
  • 25552, 616, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 3TFH, Williston, t9/14; cum 87K 6/15;
  • 25553, 1,802, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 2H, Williston, t9/14; cum 172K 6/15;
To the south,
A four-well pad:
  • 25955, conf, Statoil, Mark 4-9 6TFH, Williston,
  • 25956, conf, Statoil, Mark 4-9 5H, Williston,
  • 25957, conf, Statoil, Mark 4-9 4TFH, Williston,
  • 25958, conf, Statoil, Mark 4-9 3H, Williston,
To the east of that pad:
a two well pad:
  • 22384, 2,910, Statoil, Mark 4-9 1H, Williston, t5/12; cum 238K 6/15;
  • 23746, 2,145, Statoil, Mark 4-9 2TFH, Williston, t1/14; cum 101K 6/15;
An early single-well pad in the area:
  • 21146, 3,109, Statoil, Sjol 5-8 1H, Williston, t6/12; cum 219K 6/15;
One has to chuckle. I called this last well an "early well." Yes, it's really an old well, drilled back in 2012. Ha.

By the way, the Muddy River Boys would have been in this very area, the area of the Zavanna wells in Springbrook oil field, section 32-155-100, on their way up to the four-mile bridge. Or was it the nine-mile bridge. Have to check that when I get home. From an earlier post:
Coincidentally, my sister gave me a book that she had forgotten to give me 18 months earlier. A reader of the blog sent me a copy of The Muddy River Boys. Also at Amazon.com. Interestingly enough, someone actually mentioned it to me sometime ago, and I had forgotten all about it. At the link, look at the first comment. It's a must-read for those with nostalgic memories of North Dakota back in 1930 - 1960. The book covers the period, generally, from 1944 - 1948. If I recall, very little mention, if any, was made of WWII.

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