Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Starting To Make Sense: Why We're Not Seeing Much Activity In The Spearfish, The Tyler, The Madison, The Red River

These remarks from the Director, NDIC, Lynn Helms, explains why we are not seeing a lot of activity in the Spearfish, Tyler, Madison, or Red River formations right now. But, drilling these formations will come in due time. One can almost predict how this will play out.

Geologic column:
Geology has been very, very good to the state of  North Dakota. The state has the entire sedimentary column from the Pre-Cambrian, all the way up to the Cretaceous Age and into the Tertiary Age. Essentially the whole column is still there. This is very unique. It does not exist in Pennsylvania; it does not exist in Colorado; it does not exist in California.
It really is interesting, isn't it? Not only does North Dakota have the entire sedimentary column, and not only is that not duplicated elsewhere (perhaps Texas?), the Bakken oil play is almost entirely within the borders of the state of North Dakota. I've not been impressed with results just to the west (Montana) or just to the north (Canada along the border; and, of course, "nothing" (yet) to speak of to the south (South Dakota). 

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