Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Random Note On CLR's Anna Wells -- April 25, 2017

Random update on some wells that a reader was interested in some months ago.

The "original note":
  • February 15, 2017: CLR's Anna well pad; a reader asked about them; all wells are SI/NC, but sundry form suggests CLR planned to complete them 1/17, but no evidence yet that is occurring. #30157, #30156, #30155, #30154, #32969, #32968, #32967, #32966. Watch for #23279 coming off-line -- that will be hint that wells are about to be fracked. [Update, #23279 came off-line 1/17.]
As noted above, #23279 is now off-line, suggesting that the CLR Anna well pad could soon be completed. Just a hunch.

Note to self: this is simply a random note posted as an update. This post will not be updated.

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