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Request For Information On CLR's Anna Pad In Last Chance Oil Field -- February 15, 2017


May 2, 2019: most recent production numbers (March, 2019) -- production about the same as previous month; might be up a bit; March -- a couple of days longer than February;

February 22, 2019: from the March, 2019, hearing dockets --
27411, CLR, Last Chance-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit, 27/28/33/34-154-100 and establish an overlapping 3840-acre unit, 4/5/6/7/8/9-153-100, two wells; Williams, McKenzie County. It appears these wells will pay royalties to those holding interest in CLR's Anna wells, but these will be on a 4-section drilling unit, not a two-section unit. 
February 5, 2019: additional graphics.

It should be noted that in the graphic below, the new Marcia wells, even the section line (2560-acre spacing well) will not be in any of the drilling units "occupied" by the Anna wells.

February 2, 2019: production data has been updated (see below, the individual wells). In addition, this is the updated graphic (unchanged from before). Currently there are nine Anna wells in this drilling unit. The original Anna well runs north to south (#23279). The other eight Anna wells run south to north. Those eight wells: four are middle Bakken and four are Three Forks first bench.  All current Anna wells are pretty much in the east half of the drilling unit. Eventually CLR will drill eight wells on the west side. In addition, there will be two wells along the section lines. This may not happen for years, but it will happen eventually. When CLR does drill those wells, the new wells will be even better than the current Anna wells.

June 6, 2018: production data for all the CLR Anna has been updated. In addition, more detailed look at the production of the original CLR Anna well is posted here.

December 28, 2017: updated graphic --

Map to the CLR Anna wells:

Satellite photo of the area:


September 12, 2017: note post-shut-in-jump-in-production here.

June 5, 2017: update here

April 25, 2017: update here.

April 14, 2017: this is pretty cool. In the original post it was noted that a producing well near CLR's "Anna" wells in Last Chance oil field had not yet been taken off-line. Now, with the Director's Cut posted for February, 2017, data, we see that #23279 has been taken off-line. This means only one thing: CLR is getting ready to frack (or has begun fracking) the Anna wells noted in the original post below.

Original Post 

A sundry form for #30157 was received by the NDIC on December 20, 2016:
Please see the attached supplemental history of the well from 9/9/2016 - 11/9/2016. Continental Resources, Inc. had requested NCW status of this well but now is schedule (sic) to begin stimulation of the Anna multi-well pad beginning on 1/2/2016 (sic).
It's unusual for typographical errors on such sundry forms but the information on the form suggests the form was completed on/about November 8, 2016; it clearly shows that it was received by the NDIC on December 20, 2016, which both suggest that CLR was planning to stimulate the wells on this 8-well pad in early 2017.

A sundry form for #30156 had the very same information and the same dates, but interestingly, a pen-and-ink "2017?" over the "2016." This notation was probably made by someone at NDIC. 

  • 30157, 2,057, CLR, Anna 5-34H, Last Chance, API: 33-105-03914, t7/17; cum 205K 6/19; holding up well; producing 15,000 bbls in 10/17; produced 9,000 bbls in 5/18; produced 4,000 bbls in 6/19;
  • 30156, 1,194, CLR, Anna 4-34H1, Last Chance, t8/17; cum 120K 6/19; production falling; API: 33-105-03913, producing 14,000 bbls in 10/17; produced 8,000 bbls in 1/18; produced 2,000 bbls in 12/18; only producing 700 bbls/month in 6/19;
  • 30155, 1,306, CLR, Anna 3-34H, Last Chance, t7/17; cum 118K 6/19; production falling; API: 33-105-03912, producing 14,000 bbls in 10/17; produced 2,000 bbls in 3/18; produced 2,500 bbls in 12/18; only 1,000 bbls in 6/19;
  • 30154, 1,320, CLR, Anna 2-34H, Last Chance, API: 33-105-03911, t7/17; cum 151K 6/19; production holding up; producing 10,000 bbls in 10/17; produced 7,000 bbls in 3/18; produced 2,500 bbls in 12/18; produced 1,600 bbls in 6/19;
  • 32969, 1,391, CLR, Anna 9-34H1, Last Chance,  API: 33-105-04292, t8/17; cum 133K 6/19; production falling; producing 16,000 bbls in 10/17; produced 8,500 bbls in 4/18; producing only 400 bbls in 12/18; and only produced for 16 days in 3/19; produced only 145 bbls in 6/19; this one could be the first to go inactive;
  • 32968, 920, CLR, Anna 8-34H1, Last Chance, API: 33-105-04291, t9/17; cum 114K 6/19; okay; producing 15,000 bbls in 10/17; producing 5,700 bbls in 5/18; produced only 900 bbls in 12/18; produced only 16 days in 6/19, 500 bbls;
  • 32967, 1,104, Anna 7-34H, Last Chance, t7/17; cum 159K 6/19; maybe improving (5/19); API: 33-105-04290; producing 20,000 bbls in 10/17; produced 8,000 bbls in 3/18 (only 21 days); produced only 700 bbls in 12/18 and on-line for the entire month; produced 1,700 bbls in 6/19;
  • 32966, 1,391, CLR, Anna 6-34H1, Last Chance, t8/17; cum 141K 6/19; production improving nicely (5/19); API: 33-105-04289; producing13,000 bbls in 10/17; produced 6,400 bbls in 4/18; produced 3,000 bbls in 12/18; produced almost 5,000 bbls in 6/19;
FracFocus reveals no frack data for those wells (as of date of original post; I assume we will eventually see frack data).

Another well in that same section is still in production; it was taken off-line for a few months when the new wells were fracked:
  • 23279, 767, CLR, Anna 1-27H, t11/12; cum 361K 6/19; (not re-fracked); produced 3,000 bbls 12/18;
This is the production profile of #23279 after it came back on-line after neighboring wells were fracked:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

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