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Incredible jobs report: December 8, 2017. Many, many records set.

Great jobs report. November 2, 2017.

Japanese EV supplier, Denso Corp: Maryville, TN; $1 billion plant; create 1,000 jobs. October 6, 2017.

Amazon: looking for American site for "second" headquarters; will employ 50,000. Announced some weeks ago; posted September 28, 2017.

GDP: most recent estimate of 2Q17 GDP at 3.1, better than the 3.0 forecast. September 28, 2017.

Daimler: to invest $1 billion in its Tuscaloosa, AL, plant to build plug-in EVs to compete directly with Tesla's Model X. Will also build batteries. September 21, 2017.

Haribo, the Germany gummi candy manufacturer: says it will open a factory in Wisconsin down the road; August 8, 2017. Source: CNBC

Toyota, Mazda: joint venture announced; $1.6 billion; 4,000 employees; new US automotive assemble plant; by 2021; production, 300,000 vehicles annually; August 3, 2017

Apple, Foxconn will build in Wisconsin, 13,000 jobs initially. July 26, 2017.

LyondellBasel: largest petrochemical plant of its kind to be built near Houston; 2,500 construction jobs; $2.4 billion

Boom (link here):
Making America Great Again: Trump's first quarter (1Q17) -- boom --
  • mining: +22%
  • construction: +6%
  • manufacturing: +5%
  • finance, insurance: - 2%
At T+173, Trump has turned the economy around. Link here.

Trump's energy policy: truly, all of the above

Trump rally: consumer sentiment index hits 10-year record after Trump elected president; consumer sentiment index hit relative lows during Obama's presidency. Trump rally: the market has its best first half since 2013

Petrochemicals - plastics, staggering: story here. June 25, 2017.

BWM: announces huge investment ($600 million) in SUV plant in Spartanburg, SC; will add 1,000 more high-paying jobs.

Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia: historical in terms of deals being discussed

Saudi Arabia: will announce a $40 billion infrastructure investment in the US as early as this week; posted May 13, 2017.

Infosys: huge story. Indian company known for outsourcing lower cost engineers to US, now plans to open a 2,000-employee tech center in central Indiana, with another 8,000 jobs for American IT workers in other locations across the country in coming years.

VW: building a new SUV at its Chattanooga, TN, plant; also, at the same link, Dodge has just built the world's fastest street-legal production model muscle car.

Toyota: to invest $1.3 billion in Kentucky Camry plant. This should go a long way in helping a state hit hard by the war on coal. 

Samsung, LG Electronics: both to make huge investment expansions in US; directly related to Trump election.

ExxonMobil: from White House press release --  President Donald J. Trump today congratulated Exxon Mobil Corporation on its ambitious $20 billion investment program that is creating more than 45,000 construction and manufacturing jobs in the United States Gulf Coast region.

Play-Doh: after 16 years of being made outside the US, Hasbro announces that Play-Doh manufacturing will return to the US this year. February, 27, 2017.

Existing home sales: 10-year high

Accenture: Accenture announces plan to bring in 15,000 more US jobs. February 17, 2017. 

Boeing 787 Dreamliner, photo op: Trump to attend roll-out of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner later this week, February 14, 2017.

Bayou Bridge Pipeline, 4,000+ jobs; almost a billion dollars in new economic activity, South Louisiana, February 9, 2017.

Intel, to invest $7 billion in Arizona; employ 3,000. February 8, 2017. Intel CEO announced this from the Oval Office while meeting with President Trump. Chandler, AZ; over 10,000 people in the area will support the factory; investment over the next three to four years.

Williams, natural gas pipeline; $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, Atlantic seaboard, approved after almost two years of delays. Approved exactly two weeks after Trump sworn in. February 4, 2017.

Lockheed: US orders 90 F-35. A single tweet from President Trump resulted in a $720 million savings on the program. Add significant number of jobs in Ft Worth, TX. February 2, 2017.

Amazon: to add 100,000 full-time jobs over next 18 months; reported on Fox Business News, February 3, 2017.

Lowe's to hire more than 45,000 seasonal workers (spring gardening). USA Today, February 2, 2017.

US Army has directed US Army Corps of Engineers to issue easement for DAPL. January 31, 2017. to build its first air cargo hub. UPS is toast. January 31, 2017.

Infrastructure Priority List, top 50, nationwide, January 24, 2017.

Toyota, expands factory; adds 400 well-paying jobs at Indiana plant, CNBC, January 24, 2017.

Foxconn, $57 billion, 50,000 jobs, Pennsylvania, January 22, 2017.

Breitbart provides a list of the "Trump jobs." January 18, 2017.

Hyundai, January 17, 2017: to invest $3.1 billion in US

Wal-Mart, January 27, 2017: will create 10,000 jobs in nod to Trump; investment will support 24,000 construction jobs.

General Motors, announces $1 billion in new investment; could create 1,000 jobs; may be more.  Wall Street Journal.

Amazon, 100,000 jobs over next 18 months, January 12, 2017: The Washington Post

Toyota, Apple, January 9, 2017: both Apple and Toyota look to expand in US

Alibaba, January 9, 2017: to discuss with Donald Trump one million jobs in US over next five years.

US Navy: Trump will re-build US Navy to size it hasn't seen since Reagan administration.

FiatChrysler, January 8, 2017: will spend $1 billion modernizing, building in Michigan and Ohio; will add 2,000 new jobs

Stanley Black & Decker, January 5, 2017: makes it a point to note that the company will build a $35 million manufacturing plant in the United States in what appears to be an attempt to either a) keep PEOTUS Trump off its back; or, b) get a PEOTUS Trump endorsement. The announcement came after it was announced that Stanley B&D acquired the Craftsman "name" from Sears.

Construction spending hits 10-year high, in days after Trump elected.

Ford, January 3, 2017: cancels plans for $1.6 billion plant in Mexico; will expand in Michigan

Sprint, OneWeb, December 29, 2016: Trump says Sprint will bring 5,000 jobs back to US; OneWeb will create 3,000 jobs in US.

Tesla, Panasonic, NY. December 27, 2016. $256 million solar panel factory in New York.

Cao Dwang, Shanghai, to Ohio. December 22, 2016. $600-million investment; Chinese auto glass tycoon; cites high taxes and soaring labor costs at home; comes after Trump threatened to declare Beijing a currency manipulator and slap 45% punitive tariffs on Chinese imports to protect American jobs. 

Amazon, Michigan. December 20, 2016. To open distribution center in Livonia, MI, hire at least 1,000 new employees.

Amazon, Illinois. December 20, 2016. Amazon adding 1,000 jobs with two new Illinois fulfillment centers.

Nuclear, Illinois. December 17, 2016. Exelon Corp will hire more than 400 permanent employees to work on capital projects at two Illinois nuclear plants; after Illinois govern approved a plan to provide billions of dollars in subsidies to Exelon to keep the pair of unprofitable nuclear plants from closing prematurely. 

Mexican moves. December 14, 2016, Bloomberg reports that US companies are already "dampening" plans to move US jobs abroad. Not even sworn in yet, and Trump already having an impact. 

IBM: December 13, 2016, Daily Mail: 
  • will hire 25,000 over next few years
  • announced day before Trump meets with tech leaders
  • 6,000 of those new hires in 2017
Dow Chemical Michigan. December 10, 2016, via "Breaking News":
  • President-elect Trump says Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris to head American Manufacturing Council, tasked with finding ways to bring industry and manufacturing 'back to America'
  • Dow Chemical will 'invest in a new state of the art manufacturing center in Michigan,' CEO Andrew Liveris announces; says decision due to President-elect Trump and his policies
Carrier, Indiana. November 29, 2016. Carrier will keep plant in Indiana. $7 million tax break / 10 years / 1,000 employees = $7000 / employee / year = $1.92 / employee / day. Starbucks: $2.11 for least expensive cup of black coffee. Even if the 1,000 employee-number is inflated, one has to appreciate the PEOTUS for getting involved. Previously posted.

Ford. November 18, will not move some production to Mexico; calls PEOTUS.

And, yes, the twitter hashtag is already there: #TrumpJobs. Mostly an anti-Trump site but that will change. 


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