Sunday, January 22, 2017

Greater Than Ever -- January 22, 2017

Foxconn (think Apple) CEO says investment for display plant in US would exceed $7 billion.

Exceed $7 billion? I guess so. The total Foxconn is considering $57 billion in the US.

Like Heinz 57. Or the 57 united states.

Reuters is reporting:
  • Foxconn is the world's largest contract electronics maker
  • Foxconn is considering a display-making plant in the US
  • $7 billion investment
  • Foxconn working with Sharp Corp on this idea; depends on many factors
  • in a meeting, the CEO "pledged a $50 billion of investment in the United States and inadvertently disclosed information showing Foxconn's logo and an unspecified additional $7 billion investment
  • the US has no panel-making industry, but the US is the second-largest market for televisions
  • a display-making plant could create up to 50,000 jobs
  • the lucky state? Pennsylvania -- great reward for that state voting for "the Donald"


  1. Mr. Oksol

    In a few weeks, a second company is set to announce the construction of an ethane cracker in the northeast.

    The supply of virtually unlimited, inexpensive ethylene and polyethylene will be a VERY attractive component to plastics-related manufacturers around the world.
    That, coupled with an unlimited supply of the cheapest electricity, should make this area an industrial powerhouse for decades to come.

    1. In reply to another individual who sent me a note on a related subject, I replied:

      I'm convinced that Trump is "riding the wave, not making the wave."

      All these companies announcing investment in the US are doing it for a reason, not just because of Trump, but corporate tax relief, cheap energy; great work fork; robots; it's all coming together just as Trump arrives on the scene.

      This ethane story is simply incredibly amazing .. who wudda thought?