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Junk Yards And Strip Joints Confined To Industrial Zones In Boomtown, USA -- January 13, 2016


January 14, 2016: FLASHBACK! Don reminded me of this -- I had forgotten or did not know -- but the city of Williston suspended the liquor licenses for both strip clubs on at least two occasions in the past due to problems at the club. FoxBusiness back on December 10, 2014, reported the second suspension for both clubs

January 14, 2016: wow, this is a busy season for nominations for the 2016 Geico Rock Award. This is the headline: ‘First the man camps, and now this’: Strip club patrons, employees disappointed by city commission’s move.

Well, duh. The boom is over. The man camps were always promoted and approved on the basis that they were temporary. Hellooooo.... temporary. As in not permanent. With regard to the two strip joints on south Main:

There are two issues here:
  • zoning
  • alcohol
I have no sympathy for these businesses. The handwriting was on the wall five years ago, maybe longer. They should have been working with city council about where best to have the businesses. Businesses move all the time. These businesses are given a year to move. My dad has to move his business in less than six months when the owner did not renew the least; many years ago; had to build new building during the winter months. Businesses move all the time.
Alcohol was probably the #1 reason why the police had all those calls to these businesses. Again, the owners/managers never got control of the situation. Had they eliminated the "police call" issue it probable would not have come to this. I'm irritated the city did not take care of this problem earlier; certainly, a liquor license/renewal of a liquor license is contingent upon law-abiding / socially-acceptable behavior.
By the way, for those who are unaware of this, the city of Williston has completely renovated Main Street, from the north (at First Lutheran Church) all the way down to the Amtrak Station (south Main). There are some major, modern changes occurring. The strip joints, from what I can tell, never enhanced the outside appearance of their establishments. From what I can tell, there was no effort to clean up their outward appearances to better blend in with the other businesses. 

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Best news of the day:
Williston commission votes to move strip clubs out of downtown. Ordinances would also prevent adult businesses from selling liquor.
When Don sent me the link I replied:
Fantastic. Finally. Industrial zones. Ha. That gets them around the "free speech" argument that strip clubs have used before. Strip clubs have successfully sued in the past that "free speech" allows them to operate unfettered. Williston says they can still operate, but they need to move from downtown. It's a zoning thing. Boston, Massachusetts, did the same thing decades ago. I'm surprised it took Williston this long.

The city probably waited until the boom was over to separate booze from the strip clubs. I'm sure alcohol revenues have decreased significantly now that the boom is over.

Finally, I wonder what a caberet license costs? I wonder if caberets will be allowed to let customers bring their own booze?
Would a liquor store be considered an "adult business"? Are "bars" and "taverns" "adult businesses"? Is Williston going dry? Will Bill Cosby go to jail? How did that lawsuit by the dancers against the strip joints turn out? Inquiring minds want to know.

So many songs from which to choose. 

The Party's Over, Willie Nelson

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