Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Random Look At A Couple Of Whiting Wells In Southwest Bakken -- July 11, 2019

This is in the southwest corner of the state, sort of the second tier of the original Bakken. These are tier 1 wells, but the area is not quite as good as the core Bakken farther north. I was curious how some of the Whiting wells were doing in this area.

Big well:
  • 28056, 2,282, Whiting, Smith Federal l44-12PH, Three Forks, 30 stages; 3 million lbs, Park, t4/15; cum 419K 5/19;
A recent neighbor well:
  • 32288, 769, Whiting, Smith Federal 34-12-2PH, Three Forks, 45 stages; 5.1 million lbs; Park oil field; t10/18; cum 130K 5/19; 
The video sucks, but the mash-up is pretty good.

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