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Wells I No Longer Follow -- December 31, 2017

This is simply some housekeeping. Nothing new here. This has all been posted before. The page where this came from was getting too long. These are wells that I was watching for some reason or other; once I saw what I wanted to see, I "closed" them out.

For wells still being followed, click here.

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January 24, 2018: #18970; two nearby wells, recently fracked (#25885, #31437)

January 18, 2018: #20459. This well has to show a significant bump in production based on huge fracks nearby, but as of two months after the new neighboring fracks, no bump. Check back in, in a few months.

January 17, 2018: #17181 -- recent increase in production, but a stripper well; and not re-fracked; might be interesting to follow

January 17, 2018: #19144; see if production jumps after neighboring wells fracked; this well was re-fracked. See this link.

December 26, 2017: #18579, Oasis, 500K; off-line as of 8/17; neighboring well, #33547 just fracked on 8/17; see the follow-up at this link.

September 5, 2014: which way will #29090 and #29091 run (north/south?) Compare with #17799. Reference "Trace" in e-mail. Never resolved.

November 30, 2017: in a few months, #16983, #18013 -- both near some recently fracked BR Mathistad wells; Mathistad wells are tracked here;

October 19, 2017:
  • 22342, 1,142, MRO, Lorene Stohler 11-3TFH, t9/12; cum 66K 1/18; just went off-line 7/17; the Stohler well in the neighboring section was just re-fracked; highly successful; this well is probably being re-fracked; back on-line as of 9/17; no significant bump in production; check again later;
October 5, 2017:
  • 30369, 1,613, Petro-Hunt, Thompson 153-95-8D-6-3H, Charlson, t9/17; cum 92K 1/18; (20342, 27918, 27208); see this post; huge jumps in production; confirm not re-fracked;
June 24, 2017: is CLR getting ready to frack the Rath Federal wells? Update: November 4, 2017 -- all the DUCs are now back on CONF status and are producing. We should have results soon. Update: as of 11/17, several wells have moved from SI/NC to conf and are not reporting production.

November 22, 2017: #20282. Has been off-line for two years; now IA. Seven wells around it have recently been fracked. Name: Williston Airport 2-11 1H; Todd Field. Update here. Nice well, 3/19.

December 26, 2017: #18489, CLR, a lousy Upland oil field well; just went off-line; back on line as of 11/17;

July 18, 2017: 22088, see production jump, 5/17; nothing in area re-fracked; no note in sundry form. 

June 11, 2017: watch for FracFocus data for this well, #20464 (no FracFocus data as of 1/18) but Oasis said it would re-frack the well with 50 stages;
  • 20464, 1,202, Oasis/Zenergy, Rolfson 29-32H, Siverston, 28 stages, 1.95 million lbs; t12/11; cum 247K 4/17; (off-line since 6/16); a re-frac according to a September 4, 2016, sundry form; FracFocus as of 6/17 has no record of re-frack; as of 1/18, still no data at FracFocus for a re-frack; converted to gas lift, December, 2017; 3/19; it had to have been re-fracked. I'm starting to get the feeling that not all re-frack data is getting to the NDIC, and not all re-frack data is getting to FracFocus.
December 8, 2017: 20886, 20888, huge recent frack by EOG. Production update here. Still good wells, 3/19.

February 11, 2017: the Archer wells; jump in productivity; then coming off-line again; sporadic production profile. #25962, #25961, #25960, #26007, #26006, #17356, #26419 (the last one came off-line 12/16). #25961 with "frack-like" jump in production and no evidence of a re-frack; still no evidence of a re-frack as of 4/17; thoughts on #25961 and data updated, August 19, 2017; [Update, January, 2018: just prior to the jump in production: a work-over rig on site, #25961), and a new pump put in; no evidence that is was re-fracked; no sundry form to suggest a re-frack and FracFocus does not show a re-frack.] #26419 is an incredible well; see this post, 3/19;

August 23, 2017: is Whiting getting ready to frack a couple of McNamara wells? #31858, #31857, #21890, #21889, #16731. Update, 1/18: the wells have been fracked; still conf; only #16731 showed jump in production; updated, 3/19; huge wells;

August 5, 2017: 18047, Teton 21-3H, recently taken off-line; also, #29428 also taken off-line recently; re-fracking one or the other? Update, November 11, 2017, #18047 back on status; #29428 is also back on line; offline again, 3/19;

July 18, 2017: 28785, 28786, 28787, 28788, 28789, 28790 -- wells being fracked with effect on neighboring wells? Updated here

December 15, 2016:  This comment came in today. I will have to follow this story next winter, 2017 - 2018.
As per ISO Express, oil is now providing 3% New England electricity, up from near zero for the past many months.
Coal, now providing 15%, was also near zero two weeks ago.
At today's 2,000 Mwh from coal, the looming shutdown this spring of the 1,500 Mw capacity coal burner in Brayton Point could wreck havoc next winter if/when cold occurs.
February 11, 2017: Armstrong Operating has a vertical wildcat in Stark County -- will it be a Red River or a Silurian? #33340. DRY. According to the permit, a Lodgepole.  

December 31, 2016: #32700 (PNC), #32699 (PNC), #32698 (producing), and #32697 (producing) on a 4-well pad in an exciting section.  Also, #31824 (now, PNC) and #31825 (now, PNC) on a 2-well pad in the same section. 

December 31, 2017: updated, I only follow #29854 now.
December 9, 2016: it looks like Sedalia is going to drill two laterals in each of these wells, #29854, and #29855. The first horizontal for each has been drilled and both are producing. On this date, there is a rig on #29854 and production from #29854 has ceased. That would suggest, they are drilling the second lateral on #29854. No sundry form yet, but it looks like they maybe planning to do the same thing for #29855. I follow #29854 at this post; will add #29855 when more information is available. Should check map monthly to see if rig is on the pad. I follow #29854 here. February 4, 2017 update here.
March 16, 2016: months from now, maybe a year or so from now, check on the Whiting Schaffer wells to see why they are sited north to south in this section.  See also March 10, 2016, entry below; same thing. [Update: nothing new, 6/17]

January 27, 2016: see if this well is ever fracked; if it ever does anything; note the IP (no frack data as of this date; no frack data as of December, 2016 at FracFocus)
  • 29439, 2 (no typo), Murex, Sherry Ann 13-24H, Three Forks, 37 stages; 6 million lbs, API 33-105-03762; 18 days drilling; gas shows poor to fair throughout, Temple, t9/15; cum 47K 3/19;
December 31, 2017: This well is simply a mess. Was this well fracked when it was tested? It produced 630 bbls in the first six months of production:
  • 22761, IA/50, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Crosby Creek 1-19-18H-144-98, Little Knife, t2/14; cum 999 bbls 9/15; from the well file (noted 8/14); dated 6/13, 12 stages fracked, 1.3 million lbs sand; "indications frac port failure/no ball seats"; 4 stages; 200K "oil frac" -- diagnostic test to determine liner functionality"; [Update, November 18, 2014: zero bbls in August, 2014; only 5 (no typo) bbls in 30 days in September,  2014; 0 bbls in Oct/Nov, 2014; 1 bbl in Dec, 2014; 40 bbls, one day, 6/15; essentially remains off-line, 9/15; noted to be IA 11/15; active as of 12/15 but very little production; minimal to "no" production through 12/16; noted to be back on status (A) in 2/17, but then back off-line 3/17. Back on line 11/17. June 19, 2017: stripper well status.] Remains off-line, 3/19.

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