Saturday, September 2, 2017

Gasoline Availability Continues To Improve In The DFW Area -- September 2, 2017

Wow, I love this country. Earlier I noted that the gasoline availability issue was improving here in north Texas.

So, where are "we" now, well into the Labor Day weekend when traffic is supposed to be quite heavy? Actually we are doing quite well, thank you for asking. One would have expected to have more stations reporting that they were out of fuel; in fact, it looks like we are hanging on, maybe improving.

After one of the worst natural disasters hitting the center of America's oil and gas industry, just before Labor Day weekend, and in less than 72 hours, things seem to be improving. A Drudge Report link two days ago suggested "we" would be out of gasoline by Labor Day -- I thought the same. I underestimated our blue collar workforce. I should be horsewhipped.

I can only imagine all the individuals in the Houston area who have their own personal disasters with flooding at home, and yet are somehow getting to work to keep things moving. I assume some companies are flying in personnel from outside the Houston area to help out.

Earlier today, of the nine service stations in our area, three had fuel.

Now, later tonight, six of ten service stations have fuel. I find that remarkable. A huge shout out to all the refinery workers in the Houston area, and all the truckers transporting fuel. Truly remarkable.

Time For A Slim Dusty Festival

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