Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WUWT? April 19, 2107

I haven't watched television at all in the last couple of days (I'm traveling) so I don't know what the "talking heads" are saying to explain the price of oil today, but it appears oil dropped about 3.6%, and closed well below $51.

Geopolitically, the world must have quieted down significantly.

One would have thought with these three articles on China and oil, the price of oil would have actually gone up a bit:
But it is what it is. But oil is certainly trending in a direction that is not good news for Asui Arabila or Saudi Aramco.

Update: after posting the above articles sent from a reader (thank you), the reader sent another article, this one about India. India's fuel demand rises to record on gasoline, diesel growth

Mid-Day Meandering

I see Bill O'Reilly is out, apparently replaced by Tucker Carlson. My hunch is that Tucker will do even better with the ratings. Mainstream media should see the photos that the tabloids have on former President Clinton. The former story will be a huge story on ABC News tonight; the Clinton story won't be mentioned despite the photos. It is amazing with whom former President Clinton is seen.

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