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CLR's Activity In The Rattlesnake Point Oil Field -- June 24, 2016


October 2, 2017: we now have some more information (API: 33-025-00731). According to FracFocus, this well was fracked 4/28/2017 - 5/19/2017, 10 million gallons of water, 14.75% by mass, sand:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

It appears the wells in the neighboring pad (31845, 31846, 31847) were fracked at the same time and had some great IPs.

February 17, 2017:
  • #17089 is now off-line -- off-line since July, 2016 -- are they about to frack the neighboring well?
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See first comment at this post that drove this post.  A big "thank you" to the reader for alerting me to this.

Also note: in a long note like this, done quickly, there will be typographical and factual errors. In addition, I may be seeing things that don't exist. Comments may be interspersed with hard data. If this information is important to you, go to the source. I am only posting it to help me understand the Bakken.

From a May 31, 2016, sundry report, for:
  • 17089, 400, CLR, Bridger 44-14H, Rattlesnake Point, open hole frack with 1 million lbs sand, t4/08; cum 134K 4/16;
CLR plans to re-enter and deepen the existing lateral of the Bridger 44-14H. CLR plans to extend the existing lateral by 336' to a TVD of 11,090' and a MD of 21,194' to the proposed BHL (200' FNL, 1320' FEL). After drilling to the proposed BHL, CLR plans to set a liner top packer in the 7" casing at 10,634' MD and then cement the 4.5" 11.6 ppf production liner in place.

CLR will not be injecting diesel fuel during our hydraulic stimulation activities. 
For newbies: "deepen" the existing lateral -- this does not mean CLR plans to "deepen" the horizontal vertically, but rather to "deepen" it by extending it. From the roughneck's perspective at the top of the hole, it appears the well is getting deeper; in fact, it might be better to say it's getting "longer" and CLR says that when they note the new bottom hole location.

Three wells of interest on the maps below:
  • 17089, 400, noted above, drilled, completed back in 2008, will be lengthened, and re-fracked; a middle Bakken well
  • 31847, SI/NC, parallels #17089, a late Devonian Three Forks 1st bench well;
  • 32781, SI/NC, a new permit issued June 23, 2016; co-located on same pad as #17089, about 50 feet away; legal name suggests a Three Forks 1st bench well
The three-well pad:
  • 31845, SI/NC, an upper Devonian 2nd bench Three Forks formation,
  • 31846, SI/NC, a middle Bakken well,
  • 31847, SI/NC, a late Devonian Three Forks 1st bench well
Once these wells are drilled, fracked, or re-fracked, one is going to get a lot of new information regarding fracking in high-density / infill areas:
  • we will have neighboring middle Bakken wells being fracked, re-fracked
  • we will have neighboring upper bench three Forks wells being fracked
  • we will have middle Bakken and upper bench Three Forks with very little vertical separation
Also note, that CLR was given the opportunity to extend an existing horizontal lateral. The original horizontal was permitted to have the bottom hole location 548 feet from the north line; the horizontal will now be extended to within 200 feet of the north line -- it will be extended 336 feet.

The maps:

Note the multiple formations being targeted:

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