Tuesday, May 17, 2016

EIA's Monthly Drilling Productivity Report (May, 2016) Data Now Posted

Recommendation: disregard my notes completely and go to the linked sources directly.

EIA's monthly drilling productivity report for May now posted. Link here: http://www.eia.gov/petroleum/drilling/.

Bakken pdf here. Some data points:

Bakken region oil production for May, 2016: decreased by 31,000 bopd from April, 2016.
  • production change from legacy wells: a decrease of 55,000 bopd
  • production change from new wells: an increase of 24,000 bopd 
New-well oil production per rig, increased at all but one play*:
  • Niobrara, increased by 23 bbls to 915 bbls/day/new well
  • Eagle Ford, increased by 23 bbls to 994 bbls/day/new well
  • Bakken, increased by 17 bbls to 832 bbls/day/new well
  • Permian, increased by 13 bbls to 493 bbls/day/new well
*This is from the chart. A screen-shot of this chart is below. Note that the chart shows "June 2016" data and does not say this is "estimated." The PDF has a completely different number. The pdf says the April, 2016, monthly addition from one average rig was 757 bbls whereas the May, 2016, monthly addition from one average rig was 767 bbls.

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