Friday, December 26, 2014

Natural Gas Fill Rate, Unremarkable Report -- December 26, 2014

Natural gas fill rate: -49. (the link is a dynamic link). This week's natural gas fill rate has finally reached the "lower limit" of the five year average; current storage is about 170 Bcf below the five year average. Unremarkable.

New York Times Reports The Obvious

Falling oil prices have ripple effects in oil-producing states


  1. Next month futures contract dipped below 3 today. HH spot is 2.75.

    It's a very cold winter, but also the Marcellus is booming (e.g. Marcellus region spot has dipped below 1.00. )

    1. Amazing, isn't it? With regard to energy, it seems we have moved into a new era. Who wudda guessed -- a glut of energy? I really thought, twenty years ago, we would have been relying on nuclear energy for electricity.