Monday, August 18, 2014

New Thoroughfare In Williston Completed; Connects North Housing With South Retail On West Side Of Town -- Huge Addition, August 18, 2014; Other Bakken Projects Announced -- Williston Wire

I'll be looking for this when I visit the Bakken in September. From the press release I can't say for sure where this "new thoroughfare" starts and finishes, but I think they are talking about the road -- 32nd Avenue West -- running north/south: north from the roundabout northwest of Williston (near the Statoil/BEXP four-well pad), south to Highway 2 & 85 west of Williston (see first comment).

Google maps, of course, don't show it yet, but this is what I think they are talking about:

The long, unlabeled arrow points out the new thoroughfare connecting housing and retail on the west side. I assume they are still working on the underpass under the bypass, highway 2, which will connect "old Williston" with "new Williston."

I thought of trying to drive this new thoroughfare last spring -- all dirt and mud -- when I last visited, but thought better of doing that.

Meanwhile, the new bypass around Alexander, 25 miles south of Williston, has also been completed.  This is the first leg of the new four-lane highway 85 between Watford City and Williston.

Killdeer, southeast of Watford City, the sweet spot of the Bakken, is also looking to build a bypass around the city.

Down here in Grapevine/Southlake, Texas, contractors have spent more than a year improving an existing intersection, and it looks like they won't be done for another year, and yet in the Bakken, new roads are going in "overnight."

Construction Soon To Begin On $15 Million Downtown Williston Project: press release. 

MHA transload and refinery project construction has begun: click here


  1. Let me help you out here, the 32nd ave project took well over a year, but sure is nice to have open.
    Alexander bypass is not yet opened, still working on subgrade but paving soon we all hope
    Hwy 85 opened south of Alexander for several blissful miles towards Alexander
    Nothing happens in Williston as fast as we think it should nor costs what we think it should.
    The new retail area you have circled is a coulee
    the retail area is a bit south and west, you can see the gray outline of the roads at about the 8 o'clock positon on yiour circle.

    And we are grateful for the new developments in Williston.


    1. Is "over-the-top" hyphenated or not? Wow, I about fell off my chair when I saw the video. Thank you. I moved it to a stand-alone post so it is google-searchable: