Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Mobile Railcar Repair Services Company Announced; To Service Rail Cars in North Dakota, Montana; HQ In Mustang, Oklahoma

A press release found at multiple internet sites:
Rail industry veterans Kevin Goins and Don Walsh announced today that they have formed Freedom Railcar Solutions, LLC, to provide mobile railcar repair and maintenance services for crude-by-rail shippers, operators and other railcar lessors in the Bakken Shale and Powder River Basin. Freedom Railcar will enter the market by providing on-site and mobile repair and maintenance services in North Dakota and Wyoming designed to minimize railcar downtime. 
When railcars are sent to full service repair shops, time out of service can average 90 days because most third-party repair shops are located out-of-state and provide limited mobile service. The total cost associated with a crude oil tank car that is out of service for 90 days is an estimated $100,000 per car, including lost revenue, cleaning, repair and freight charges. To address this problem, Freedom Railcar’s state-of-the-art mobile repair units will be strategically located to ensure rapid response times directly to the railcar’s location. Repair services will be conducted by carefully selected, highly skilled, certified technicians. Services will include the repair and replacement of vacuum relief valves, manway lids and eyebolts, load valves, bottom outlet valve handles, brake parts, stencils, AEI tags and safety appliances. Freedom Railcar expects to begin serving customers in North Dakota and Wyoming by July 1, 2014
Freedom Railcar is based in Mustang, Oklahoma, and maintains strategically located, state-of-the-art mobile repair units equipped to respond directly to locations in North Dakota and Wyoming. Mustang is a "suburb" southwest of downtown Oklahoma City.
One would assume there are multiple such mobile railcar repair and maintenance services. One would think BNSF (Bakken oil) and Union Pacific (Powder River coal) would have their own in-house services, but perhaps they do their repair back at regional centers. If so, possibly they will contract mobile repair to outfits like Freedom Railcar.


  1. Oops, didn't provide the link:

    1. You (and the link) are quite correct. I'm not quite sure why the President would announce the decision so early (the non-decision). That ends any need for donations to be sent in to stop the Keystone for now.

      I've written quite a bit about the Keystone -- how this dithering has really helped American investors, and American mineral owners. As far as I can tell there have only been two losers: Canada; and, Americans at the gasoline pump, which I wrote about last week.