Tuesday, November 5, 2013

KOG's Earnings Transcript Over At SeekingAlpha; Chevrolet Volt Sales Drop 32% September, 2013, Over September, 2012

Transcript here.


On another note:
Sales of the Chevrolet Volt in September, 2013, experienced a 31.7% decrease, over similar period in 2012 (September, 2012)
Overall, 2013 total sales stand at 18,782, as compared to 19,309 – down more than 500 units or 2.7%.
I maintain the all-EV niche is for the upper middle class or the simply rich with at least two non-EVs who can show a need for an all-EV for daily commutes of less than 50 miles round trip. The simply rich (Bakken millionaires), the mega-rich (Jay Leno), and the hyper-rich (Warren Buffett) will tend toward the Tesla. 

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