Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Random Look At A Fairly Busy Area In The Bakken -- For The Newbies

A random look at a fairly busy area in the Bakken (clicking on the graphics will open them in a new window which allows them to be more easily seen):

Zooming in on the wells to the west:

Zooming in on the wells in the center:

Zooming in on the wells to the east:

Looking at the string of wells sited on the south side of the section lines:
  • 26069, ros, BR, Big Jon 11-2MBH-ULW, Camel Butte,
  • 26082, conf, BR, Big Bend 11-2TFH, Camel Butte,
  • 26081, conf, BR, Big Bend 11-2MBH, Camel Butte,
  • 26091, conf, BR, Big Bend 21-2MBH, Camel Butte,
  • 26092, conf, BR, Big Bend 21-2TFH, Camel Butte,
  • 22488, 1,320, BR, Big Bend 3102TFH, Camel Butte, t8/12; cum 110K 9/13;
  • 17973, 1,772, BR, Big Bend 31-2H, Camel Butte, t11/09; cum 143K 9/13;
  • 26070, ros, BR, Big Sun 41-2MBH-ULW, Camel Butte,
  • 26089, conf, BR, Big Bend 41-2TFH, Camel Butte, 
  • 19287, 1,872, BR, Rising Sun 11-1TF-2NH, Clear Creek,
  • 19286, 1,464, BR, Sunline 11-1TF-2SH, Clear Creek,
  • 19285, 2,325, BR, Rising Sun 11-1MB-3NH, Clear Creek,
  • 19283, 1,524, BR, Sunline 11-1MB-3SH, Clear Creek,
  • 25831, ros, BR, Sunline 21-1TFH-4SH, Clear Creek,
  • 25830, conf, BR, Rising Sun 21-1TFH, 4NH, Clear Creek,
  • 25829, conf, BR, Sunline 21-1MBH-5SH, Clear Creek,
  • 25828, conf, BR, Rising Sun 21-1MBH-5NH, Clear Creek,
  • 25684, conf, BR, Sunline 31-1TFH, 6SH, Clear Creek,
  • 25683, conf, BR, Rising Sun 31-1TFH-6NH, Clear Creek,
  • 25682, conf, BR, Rising Sun 31-1TFH-7NH, Clear Creek,
  • 25681, conf, BR, Sunline 31-1TFH, 7SH, Clear Creek,

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