Saturday, August 3, 2013

This New Poll Concerns The Zenergy Announcement This Past Week

First, the results of one of the current polls. I was curious if readers thought we would go below 179 as a new post-boom low of active rigs in North Dakota. Personally, I did not think we would go below 180. I was wrong. We went to 180, and then 179, and then to 178. I was in good company:
  • 40% thought we would not hit a new low
  • 60% thought we would hit a new low
So, now, the new poll.

Zenergy has announced they are looking to sell their Bakken assets. It has been suggested the deal could be a $1 billion deal.

At $5,000/acre = 200,000 acres
At $10,000/acre = 100,000 acres

Yes, I know there will be more than "just mineral acres." There will be producing wells, and possibly some other assets as well. Zenergy is a closely held company and to the best of my knowledge, it is not common knowledge how much acreage the company has in the Bakken. Oasis has about 300,000 acres; KOG has about 200,000 acres. Continental Resources has about 1.1 million acres.

So, the question: when the Zenergy Bakken deal is announced, will it be:
a) 50,000 acres
b) 100,000 acres
c) 250,000 acres
d) 500,000 acres

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