Friday, December 14, 2012

Schlumberger Acquires GeoKnowledge

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Schlumberger announced it has acquired GeoKnowledge, a Norwegian-based software company specialized in delivering exploration decision-support solutions for the oil and gas industry.
GeoKnowledge supplies the industry-leading GeoX software suite for exploration prospect risk, resource and value assessment, and is the corporate standard for more than 100 oil and gas companies worldwide.


  1. Bruce, when you have been looking at well files lately, have you been noticing on occasion that cores are being drilled through the Three Forks, Nisku and Duperow before returning up-hole to drill the Bakken lateral? Is this a more regular occurrence now?

    1. Yes, I've noticed that also, but I can't say if it's occurring more often now. I've noticed a lot of middle Bakken wells have been drilled to the Three Forks and then back to the middle Bakken.

      They can reach vertical depth so quickly now (five to six days), that it wouldn't surprise me if they felt it was worth the extra money to drill a bit lower to see what's there before coming back to the Bakken Pool.

  2. I was just cruising some well files and this is the first one I have ever come across. File #21660. Wing 4-33-1H. 154-102 in Painted Woods. Apparently all the way through the Duperow but I could be wrong.

    1. The Duperow, just below the Birdbear (Nisku), and Three Forks.

      According to NDIC statistics, there are 344 Duperow wells in North Dakota.

      At my "Monster Well" page, I have only one "monster" Duperow well:

      #7141, 521 bbl-IP, Wesco, Hamre 1-14, Cherry Creek, Duperow; s8/79; t2/80; cum 780K 2/12; still active, about 800 bbls/month. 30+ years of production.