Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The New Minnkota Power Permit In North Dakota -- June 30, 2020

Note the Minnkota Power permit announced yesterday, June 29, 2020:
Three new permits, #37670 - #37672, inclusive --

  • Operators: Whiting, Enerplus, Minnkota Power Coop
  • Fields: Sanish (Mountrail); Squaw Creek (Dunn); and, wildcat, Oliver County
  • Comments:
    • Whiting has a new Lacey permit, SWNW 10-152-92, Sanish oil field;
    • Enerplus has a Kudu permit in SWNE 3-148-94, Squaw Creek oil field;
    • Minnkota Power has a J-ROC1 permit in section 4-141-83, Oliver County
The graphic:

See this post regarding the earlier Minnkota Power permit:
A reader expanded:
The Minnkota Power Coop permit is a geologic test well for the Project Tundra Carbon capture project that is progressing. Its part of the front end engineering design portion of the project that is currently under way in order to decide whether or not the project is ultimately built or not.
This is tagged: "ProjectTundra."

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