Thursday, February 13, 2020

Top Story Of The Month? -- February 13, 2020

A reader sent me this. I never, never, never would have seen it otherwise.



The lede:
A chemical waste landfill near the Columbia Gorge has been accepting thousands of tons of radioactive fracking waste from North Dakota in violation of Oregon regulations.
Oregon Department of Energy officials issued a “notice of violation” to Chemical Waste Management’s landfill near the small town of Arlington on Thursday for accepting a total of 2 million pounds of Bakken oil field waste that was delivered by rail in 2016, 2017 and 2019.
On average, the waste registered radium at 140 picocuries per gram, according to Jeff Burright, a state nuclear waste remediation specialist. The state’s maximum level for waste stored at Arlington is 5 picocuries per gram, he said.
Radioactivity in a common retail six-banana bunch: the average radiologic profile of bananas is 3,520 picocuries per kg, or roughly 520 picocuries per 150g banana, or roughly 3,000 picocuries in a retail "bunch" of bananas. 

3,520 picocuries per 1000 grams = 3.52 picocuries per gram. 

The EPA "talking paper" here will sort it all out. 

We talked about this, maybe, ten years ago o the blog. Search banana on the blog. 

Something tells me this is the end of that.  

The Trembler

The Trembler, Duane Eddy

In another life, long ago and far away, I had a woman friend -- looking back now -- she would have loved dancing to Duane Eddy's "Honky Tonk." Folks may be more familiar with "the original."

Am I wrong, or am I wrong? What dance would work best for this music? Line dancing. That's my guess.  

The Madison -- Dance

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