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Long Creek Oil Field

Background from NGI (paywall):
Oklahoma City-based Continental Resources Inc. has announced new details for its Long Creek Bakken Unit development project, which includes a production start date in the third quarter of 2020.
Background from The Williston Herald (archived):
Continental will continue to capitalize on its favorable margins in the Bakken with a new, high-impact oil project in Williams County, Stark added.
The 10-square-mile Long Creek Bakken Unit is in Williams County. Lessons learned in the company’s Springboard project in Oklahoma, where larger pads are allowing cost reductions of 10 to 15 percent, will be applied to the Bakken project.
Continental will operate two rigs in the Long Creek unit, adding 56 new wells to the existing five parent wells. That new production is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2020, and peak in the second half of 2021.
Long Creek is ultimately expected to add up to 20,000 net barrels of oil per day to production, which will be gathered and distributed by pipelines to centralized facilities.

From the NDIC hearing dockets, February 22, 2019 (link here):
  • 27356, CLR, unitizing the Long Creek-Bakken; Williams, McKenzie
  • 27357, CLR, unitizing the Long Creek-Bakken; Williams, McKenzie

From the August 8, 2019, daily activity report --

Williams County
Long Creek Unit
  • Ralph wells run to the south
  • Reckitt wells run to the north
  • the Foster Federal well is likely to be a unit line well 
  • #20929, Foster 1-28H is to the southwest of section 22-153-99 and runs north to south
SWSW 22-153-99
1834' FSL and 2382' FWL
map here
  • LCU Foster Federal 12-28HSL1,
  • LCU Ralph Federal 2-27H,
  • LCU Ralph Federal 3-27H1,
  • LCU Ralph Federal 4-27H,
  • LCU Ralph Federal 5-27H1,
  • LCU Reckitt Federal 2-22H,
  • LCU Reckitt Federal 3-22H1,
  • LCU Reckitt Federal 4-22H,
NESW 22-153-99 
1834' FSL and 2382' FWL
map here
  • LCU Ralph Federal 6-27H, 
  • LCU Ralph Federal 7-2H1,
  • LCU Ralph Federal 8-28H, 
  • LCU Ralph Federal 9-27H1,
  • LCU Reckitt Federal 5-22H1,
  • LCU Reckitt Federal 6-22H,
  • LCU Reckitt Federal 7-22H1,
  • LCU Reckitt Federal 8-22H,
The graphics:

"Long Creek Unit"?

Long Creek was originally followed here; it will now be followed here.

I haven't paid much attention to Long Creek oil field. It's a relatively small field, southeast of Williston. It was probably 15 sections (5x3) before the boom began but then grew a little, accounting for the irregularity of an otherwise a perfect rectangle. It is now 17 sections.

But this is what is most important about Long Creek: it is snuggled in between some of the best fields in the Bakken: a) Banks is one of the best fields in the Bakken; b) the Truax has been a good field; c) it is directly south of the very nice Stockyard Creek field; and, d) it appears that Crazy Man Creek is getting better and better as more wells are drilled.

Long Creek was active to the north but not much to the south.

But it looks like CLR is about to change all that: eight wells to the north, and eight wells to the south.

The two wells in section 22 -153-99:
  • 30900, 640, CLR, Reckitt Federal 1-22H, Long Creek, t9/15; cum 231K 6/19;
  • 20976, 583, CLR, Ralph 1-22H, Long Creek, t9/12; cum 256K 6/19;



34998, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34997, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34996, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...

34995, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34994, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34993, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34543, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34542, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34541, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34539, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...
34538, conf, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton ...



2015 (list is complete)
30900, 640, CLR, Reckitt Federal 1-22H, 25 stages, 2.9 million lbs, spud May 8, 2015; TD May 23, 2015, t9/15; cum 231K 6/19;

2014 (list is complete)
28594, 1,676, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 4TFH, 50 stages, 5.8 million lbs, t5/15; cum 395K 6/19;
28593, 564, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 3H, 50 stages, 5.6 million lbs, t5/15; cum 342K 6/19;
28592, 2,024, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 2TFH, t5/15; cum 299K 6/19;
28591, 726, Zavanna, Simmental 2-11 1H, t6/15; cum 363K 6/19;
28886, 2,342, Zavanna, Gust 2-11 2H, t5/15; cum 389K 6/19;
28885, 1,360, Zavanna, Gust 2-11 3TFH, t4/16; cum 95K 6/19;

2013 (list is complete)
26771, 1,060, CLR, Winston 7-12H, t7/14; cum 340K 6/19;
26770, 717, CLR, Winston 6-12H1, t7/14; cum 274K 6/19;
26687, 1,210, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 7H, t4/15; cum 287K 6/19;
26685, 1,543, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 5H, t3/15; cum 333K 6/19;
26684, 567, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 3TFH, t9/15; cum 279K 6/19;
26682, 2,770, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 1H, t9/15; cum 320K 6/19;
26677, 695, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 2TFH, t12/15 cum 281K 6/19;
26676, 630, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 3TFH, t12/15; cum 208K 6/19;

23189, 409, CLR, Winston 3-12H, t11/12; cum 218K 6/19;
23188, 457, CLR,Winston 2-12H, t11/12; cum 268K 6/19;

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