Friday, April 28, 2017

Sort Of Looks Like The Keystone XL Route, Doesn't It? -- April 28, 2017 -- President Obama -- What Were You Thinking?

By the way, I see that Time, Inc, shares this morning are down almost 20%. Wow.

But back to the graphic featuring Tioga and Prairie Rose, North Dakota:

For more on this pipeline, see this post from September 17, 2013. From that post:
Related headlines:
More takeaway capacity for North Dakota natural gas identified.

The Prairie Rose Pipeline, owned by Aux Sable, Calgary, with origins in Burke and Mountrail County, will feed natural gas from these two counties into the Alliance Pipeline, owned by Summit Midstream Partners; this pipeline is 2,300 miles long and runs from western Canada to the Chicago hub.

  • Current agreement: 17 million cubic feet/day
  • New agreement: 25 million cubic feet/day
 That's almost a 50% increase in one pipeline system.

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