Friday, April 28, 2017

The Politcal Page, T+97 -- April 29, 2017

What goes around, comes around: Bernie Sanders in cross hairs of FBI. Reason? Failed college. Sounds like the Trump story.

Texas pipeline protest leader (link at FuelFix):
Gutierrez, 56, has a long criminal history, according to the California Department of Corrections. In 1984, he was sentenced to nine years for forcible rape, seven years for forcible oral sex and three years for possession of a controlled substance with an intent to sell, the California Department of Corrections said. He served the sentences concurrently and got out of prison about six years later, released on parole.
Between 1990 and 1997, he was reimprisoned at least five times for parole violations, according to corrections records, and in 1998, was convicted of having sex with a minor under 18. He went back to jail, but gained parole again in April of 2002. The California Department of Corrections never heard from him again.
The Texas Rangers got him:

The Kennedy Klan is probably on its way out to Gillette, WY: 9 inches of snow over night.

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