Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Williston Airport -- Contractor Named -- March 29, 2017

 Williston High School: see this post
See this link for several artist renditions of the new Williston High School. Updates also at this site. The JE Dunn announcement of a new Williston office is here. IMS Masonry here.
Williston airport: city picks JE Dunn to build new airport terminal. Data points:
  • website for new airport, includes master plan
  • construction to begin this summer
  • vote was unanimous
  • Kansas-based company has an office in Williston
  • beat out Q&D Construction of Nevada
  • terminal building cost: estimated to be between $40 and $45 million
  • relocation of snow removal and fire-fighting equipment: $6 - $7 million
  • total project: about $250 million
  • compare with WHS and Rec Center (both in $60 - $70 million range, if I recall correctly)
  • 59th Street NW to be rerouted
  • 1,500 acres bought for the project
  • federal funds yet to be released
Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of An Ancient Civilization
Richard Miles
c. 2010
DDS 939.73 MIL

What a great book. I have never understood the Punic Wars. Sort of like I never understood WWI.

I'm about halfway through the book. The First Punic War is about to start, c. 260, Chapter 7, page 177 of 373 pages of narrative, and then the notes begin.

So far, the story can be summarized:
  • Tyre
  • Carthage, Melqart, Herakles
  • Carthage in Sardinia
  • Carthage vs Syracus (Sicility)
  • Carthage vs Rome (up to this point, Carthage a naval power; Rome, a land power)
  • First Punic War, 264 BC: preceded by Romans taking all of Sicily
Herakles plays a huge role in this book, a huge role.

I haven't truly gotten to the war(s) yet, but one might be able to say that the Punic Wars have an analogy in the Pacific theater in WII. In the Punic Wars, the conflict began with control for the Mediterranean Sea, control of an island, Sardinia. In WWII, it began with control of the Pacific Ocean, beginning with an attack on a Hawaiian island. 

One of my favorite "museums" is  J. Paul Getty Museum's "Getty Villa" in Malibu, California.The museum is built "around" Herakles. I did not understand the "importance" of Herakles until I read the Richard Miles book. The book is worth its weight in gold. I'm reading it for free, through the auspices of the Grapevine (TX) public library.

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