Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Random Look At Unusual Configuration Of Whiting Wells In Area Of A Microseismic Array -- March 15, 2017

I may complete the narrative regarding these two screenshots at a later date, but for now this should suffice.

This interesting configuration of wells in section 6-153-92, Sanish oil field:

From my August 19, 2010 post:

Largest array: North Dakota has the largest buried microseismic array in the world, Geo News, July, 2010.

All six wells are Whiting wells, 640-acre spacing.

The two middle Bakken wells were drilled somewhat earlier (a couple of years earlier) than the four Three Forks wells.

All four Three Forks were completed / tested almost simultaneously (within a few days/weeks of each other).

All four TF wells were completed with 23 stages, 1.7 million lbs white sand.

All six wells were mediocre at best; most of the wells I would consider poor wells, and even more so considering they are in the Sanish oil field.

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