Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Free College Opportunity In The Bakken; Saudi Central Bank Asks Banks To Re-Schedule Property Loans -- October 25, 2016

Link here over at Reuters.

Obviously Saudi Arabia is not going to go the way Venezuela went --- or, could it. Remember, a Saudi finance official says Saudi Arabia could go bankrupt in two years.

Maybe it's "tick-tick-tick-Saudi-Arabia."

From a John Kemp tweet yesterday: Brent and WTI timespreads have weakened significantly as traders become more pessimistic about oil market rebalancing in 2017.

The Bakken Economy

Wow, this is really quite amazing. Look at the map at the linked article below. Hillary and Bernie talk about free college education. The Bakken is actually doing it (and not costing taxpayers a dime).

From The Williston Herald:
Williston State College expanded its Regional County Scholarship to include Burke, Divide, McKenzie and Mountrail in February 2016, but the WSC Foundation has an ambitious plan for 2017 — adding five counties in northeastern Montana
The college announced Monday that high school graduates and those who earn GEDs in Daniels, Richland, Roosevelt, Sheridan and Valley counties will be eligible for the WSC scholarship that would provide free tuition and fees for the first two years of their college experience. This inclusion could bring in 600 more graduating seniors.  
“An expansion of the WSC Foundation Regional County scholarship program into northeastern Montana is a natural extension of what has traditionally been a fertile recruitment region for the college, drawing on the close economic and cultural ties that have long existed between northeastern Montana and northwestern North Dakota,” explained John Miller, acting president of WSC.

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