Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Random Update On A Re-Fracked QEP Well Following A Failed Frack -- July 13, 2016

No new information here. The frack report for the re-frack is not yet in the file report (as far as I can tell). But the production profile has been updated, and certainly suggests the re-frack was successful. This well is being tracked at the linked post, not at this post.
  • 29326, 904, QEP, Jones 3-15-22BH, Grail, 2 stages on 9/9/15; 219K sand, t10/15; cum 65K 3/16; only four days total in 12/15; 0 days in 1/16; 9 days in 2/16; 17 days in 3/16; in a sundry form received October, 2015, QEP said they will come back and complete the frack at a later date; a follow-up form received in November, 2015, says QEP planned to re-complete the well; API 33-053-06235; FracFocus show the well was fracked beginning 9/8/15 and completed 2/15/15: 5.9 million lbs water; 2 stages, 218,600 lbs of proppant dated 9/9/15; the plan was to run new casing and complete stages 2 - 40 via sliding sleeves and will plug and perf stages 41 - 57 (across stages 41 - 58 of the original sliding sleeves). The plug and perf is being done to the stages in which the sliding sleeves have been compromised -- sundry form received October 6, 2015. 
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