Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Note The MRO Well That Produced 52K Bbls In First 20 Days; Five New Permits -- July 13, 2016

Unfortunately, I have not kept track of "record" monthly production set by some wells. In the post below, note that #31058 produced 52,000 bbls in the first 20 days; that equates to about 78,000 bbls in 30 days. EOG has had some huge wells that might rival this one. I don't remember. The other problem, of course, is the length of the horizontal. The MRO well below was a long lateral. On the other hand, a short-lateral produced over 61,000 bbls over 31 days (see production profile at the link):
  • 27591, 2,079, Enerplus, Monarch 152-94-32D-29H, a short lateral (one section / 640 acres); t12/14; cum 259K 5/16; production profile first three months: 

 Another huge production over 31 days at this link: For others, click on the tag: "RecordIP."

Summary: Today's Daily Activity Report

Active rigs:

Active Rigs3072190186215

One well coming off confidential list Thursday:
  • 30783, 1,087, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-93-19D-18-12H, Four Bears, Three Forks, 56 stages, 4.8 million lbs; t1/16; cum 62K 5/16; this was a Three Forks well; it did not appear to have a "halo" effect on middle Bakken wells to the west or to the east
Five new permits:
  • Operators: BR (4), EOG
  • Fields: Corral Creek (Dunn), Stanley (Mountrail)
  • Comments:
Resource Energy Can-Am canceled on permit, a Lilly permit in Divide County.

Three (3) producing wells completed (there are 5 wells on this pad; the other two wells are yet to report):
  • 31057, 3,490, MRO, Chamaine USA 14-35TFH, Antelope, Sanish, t6/16; cum --
  • 31058, 3,661, MRO, Clarks Creek USA 14-35H, Antelope, Sanish, t5/16; cum 52K in the first 20 days; frack data not yet at the file report; spud 11/9/15; landed curve 1/16/16; TD 1/22/16; 75% in drilling target window; 100% in middle Bakken
  • 31061, 2,942, MRO, Juanita USA 13-35H, Antelope, Sanish, t7/16; cum -- 

30783, see above, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-93-19D-18-12H, Four Bears:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

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