Monday, April 11, 2016

A Graphic Of The Area Where CLR Wants To Drill 25 Wells On An Existing 2560-Acre Spacing Unit In The Elm Tree-Bakken Oil Field -- April 11, 2016


June 8, 2018: this 2560-acre drilling unit is being updated

October 29, 2016: a new screenshot of this area has been placed at this post.

Original Post 
In the April hearing dockets, case #25003 (note: this is a case number, not a permit number):
  • 25003, CLR, Elm Tree-Bakken, 25 wells on an existing 2560-acre unit, sections 14/23/26/35-153-94, McKenzie:
This is the screenshot of the area of the 4-section (2560-acre unit) stand-up drilling unit (depicted in part by the thick purple north/south arrow) -- shown are parts of section 23 and 26. Section 14 is to the far north, and section 35 is to the south.  If the wells shown are all spaced for 1280-acres, then the 25 wells "on the existing 2560-acre unit" would be in addition to the wells already sited here.

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