Monday, October 24, 2016

CLR's Sakakawea Federal Wells

September 2, 2019: see production profile of one of the Sakakawea wells here.

February 20, 2019: production data updated below.

December 23, 2016: updating the CLR Sakakawea Federal wells. They are all LOC as of December 23, 2016. They are sited in section 25-153-94. They are all in the 1280-acre drilling unit just to the east and north: 19/18-153-93. The 7-well pad will be middle Bakken wells. The 6-well pad will have three first bench wells, and three second bench wells in the Three Forks. 

33094: MB 1280; 3,043, Sakakawea Federal 14-19H, t1/19; cum193K 6/19;
33093: MB 1280; 1,791, t12/18; cum 159K 6/19;
33092: MB 1280; 2,646, t12/18; cum 198K 6/19;
33091: MB 1280; 3,029, t12/18; cum 166K 6/19;
33090: MB 1280; 3,092, t1/19; cum 176K 6/19;
33089: MB 1280; 1,098, CLR, Sakakawea Federal 4-19H, Elm Tree, t2/19; cum 135K 6/19;
33088: MB 1280; 1,939, t1/19; cum 115K 6/19;
33536: Holstein Federal 16-25HSL; 2,221, t1/19; cum 163K 6/19;

33104: TF B2 1280; 2,313, Sakakawea Federal 13-19H2, t1/19; cum 154K 6/19;
33103: TF B1 1280; 2,089, Sakakawea Federal 11-19H1, t1/19; cum 127K 6/19;
33102: TF B2 1280; 1,713, Sakakawea Federal 9-19H2, t1/19; cum 109K 6/19;
33101: TF B1 1280; 2,400, CLR, Sakakawea Federal 7-1H1, Elm Tree, t1/19; cum 146K 6/19;
33100: TF B2 1280; 1,402, CLR, Sakakawea Federal 5-19H2, Elm Tree, t3/19; cum 123K 6/19;
33099: TF B1 1280; 1,450, CLR, Sakakawea Federal 3-19H1, Elm Tree, t2/19; cum 114K 6/19;
33539: TF B2 1280; 1,610, CLR, Sakakawea Federal 1-19H2, Elm Tree, t2/19; cum 142K 6/19;
33538, 1,415, CLR, Hendrickson Federal 14-25HSL, Elm Tree, t1/19; cum 119K 6/19;         
33537, 2,038, CLR, Holstein Federal 15-25H1, Elm Tree, t1/19; cum-164K 6/19;

October 29, 2016: see more at this post. CLR wants to site 25 wells on an existing 2560-acre drilling unit. 

October 29, 2016: this is what the graphic looks like today with CLR's proposed 13-well Sakakawea Federal pad in Elm Tree oil field:

Original Post
I don't have the energy tonight to put a lot of "stuff" into this post, but I need to at least get this posted. Last week and today, on NDIC's daily activity report, CLR was "awarded" thirteen new permits, Sakakawea Federal permits.

The two screenshots below show the general area that these wells will be drilled. Again, I did this quickly, and there may be errors, but it's probably fairly accurate (I think the wells will be sited in a northwest to southeast configuration on the pad, will run west to east under the river. When I'm in the mood I might sort this out more precisely but for now that will do.)


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